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Awareness campaign – European Fertility Week

First edition of European Fertility Week.

In Europe, for one in five fertility is an issue.

Fertility Europe, the association of European patient organizations and associations involved with fertility / infertility issues, is pleased to announce the first edition of European Fertility Week, taking place between 31st October and 6th November 2016.


During the European Fertility Week, most of the Fertility Europe member organizations, will organize national campaigns (on online platforms and in real life) to sustain the awareness-raising and advocacy efforts regarding fertility and infertility.

Some of the organizations have already a great experience in organizing such campaigns; however, this year, the difference is brought by the alignment between our national efforts and the actions that will take place simultaneous in many European countries. The campaign will be promoted through a common visual identity and also by using an unitary tool in the social media, under the hashtag #EuropeanFertilityWeek.

All the actions taking place during European Fertility Week will be promoted through the communication channels of Fertility Europe (website, forum, social networks). Afterwards, the whole campaign experience will be summarized into an informational brochure, which will serve as a guideline for sharing experiences and good practices.


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