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Deputy Member of Executive Committee election

Fertility Europe needs another Deputy Member who would complete and reinforce the Executive Committee. This election is to take place during Fertility Europe Council Meeting in Geneva, 3rd July 2017. The term of the new deputy will only last one year until 2018, when the new Executive Committee will be elected. So this is a great opportunity to experience the work in ExCo without the need to commit for 3 years of full term.

Each Effective Member association is invited to propose up to five (5) candidates for the ExCo deputy member position. The last day to send proposals is 4th May 2017 and we kindly ask you to send them to Klaudija Kordic (klaudija(at), the Secretary of the ExCo with the copy to Office Manager (office(at)

The Chairperson will send a full list of all proposed candidates to all members by electronic means by 3rd June 2017.

Executive Committee is looking forward to receiving your proposals and please contact Office Manager if you need any more information.

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