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Ms Norica Nicolai MEP asked to send her stories of discrimination in access to ART in your countries. We are collecting the stories at the moment to be sent all together by 20th June. The stories can be anonymous, but you are very welcome to provide your contact details, if you like.
Below is the example, how the description may look, but, please, send us stories from your country, even if they are less detailed.
Please, send them to

Example 1:
Juliette 39 & Joachim 39 in Paris

Situation : Married, 1 child from a first marriage, 5 years trying to conceive, 4 years MAR treatments and examination, 3 natural pregnancies ending with 3 miscarriages
Background : Both infertiles with low ovarian reserve, hyper-activation of the immune system* for Juliette & high percentage of atypical shaped sperm for Joachim
MAR treatments : Oral stimulation, 4 ICSI
Next step : Treatments with egg donation abroad (costs : 10 000 euros)
Financial expenses not reimbursed : 15 000 euros -) psychological counselling and holistic support for both (11 000 euros) & medical examination (4000 euros)
Medical condition : Depression, hospital stay and medical leave after miscarriages, medical abuse
Social life : Isolation, loss of friends, not participating to family events
Working situation : Fixed term contracts and unemployment since 2013 to adapt to treatments
Indirect costs : Loss of wage & career disruption for Juliette
Project abandoned : Real estate acquisition
Discriminations : 1) No access to ICSI with egg donation in France 2) Medical fees not reimbursed : endometrial biopsy, sperms examination, psychological counselling 3) Long career disruption for Juliette

Example 2:
Marta & Kuba, Poland

7 years of treatment, 3 ivf (two of them NOT reimbursed)
2 children

– despite national health insurance – diagnose, tests and treatment not reimbursed;
– legal regulations of 2015 forces them to donate their
remaining embryos;
– legal regulations of 2015 bans them from non-anonymous donation of their remaining embryos;
– legal regulations of 2015 bans them from destroying their remaining embryos or donating them for scientific research.

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