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Zachatie -The Reproductive Health Day in Bulgaria

In 2006, Bulgarian patient association Zachatie organized the first national infertility awareness event, called The Reproductive Health Day. This event later became the big traditional annual event of the association, held each year in a different Bulgarian town. It’s a unique meeting of patients and leading infertility experts.
Each year features a different main topic for discussion and media coverage. During the open info sessions, leading medical professionals present the latest news in the reproductive medicine, assisted reproduction and fertility evaluation and treatment. Each presentation is followed by an open discussion with Q&A. An important part of this event are the free consultations with the leading reproductive health professionals for hundreds of infertile patients. New feature this year was the highly successful Fertility Expo Alley, representing all major IVF clinics and providing information at a glance. For the last few years, thanks to their charity campaign, Zachatie Association is able to provide several vouchers for financial support of diagnostic and treatment procedures for infertility couples, visiting the event.
During its 12 years’ history, around 3,000 people have benefited from free consultations and medical information, provided through Reproductive Health Day.

The History of the Reproductive Health Day
2006 – “First Reproductive Health day”, Pleven
2007 – “Infertility and Demographic Collapse”, Sofia
2008 – “A Heart under My Heart”, Stara Zagora
2009 – “A Sea of Children Smiles”, Burgas
2010 – “A Look into Male Infertility”, Plovdiv
2011 – “ First Steps: Diagnostics & Prophylaxis”, Varna
2012 – “Give a Hand: Society and Infertility”, Haskovo
2013 – “To Donate Life”, Russe
2014 – “10 Years Zachatie Association”, Sofia
2015 – “The Long Way: Unexplained Infertility”, Bansko
2016 –“New Ways Towards the Baby”, Stara Zagora
2017 –“New Horizons to the Dream”, Burgas

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