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Lisbon 2015

Patient Session – ESHRE CONGRESS Lisbon 2015


TOPIC: “Social infertility vs. medical infertility”

 Organised by Fertility Europe

Tuesday, 16th June 2015

SESSION CO-ORDINATORS / MODERATORS: Clare Lewis-Jones MBE (United Kingdom),

Ellin Einarsdottir (Iceland)

SESSION DESCRIPTION: It is our aim to present evidence of what is and is not happening across Europe in terms of social infertility, i.e. egg, sperm and embryo freezing for social purposes, delayed pregnancy and the age factorThe message of FE is that female fertility starts declining at the age of 27 with a dramatic decline after the age of 35. Many questions will find their answer, such as: do families with infertility need the help of a reproductive specialist or rather psychological help; are they going to be having a healthy relationship with a child/ children if they do not wish to bond with a partner; Is age related inability to conceive still infertility in countries accompanied by a growing trend of single people staying with their parents until their mid thirties and women delaying pregnancy up to their forties; how is the situation in lesbian and gay communities; Is the age related topic of egg freezing actually sending a wrong message for fertility preservation.

The topic will be covered from a medical professional’s, psychologist’s and patient’s perspective.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Clinicians, psychologists, biologists, embryologists, counselors, midwives, nurses and other paramedicals working in the field of reproductive medicine, any person involved in health education, patient representatives.



  1. Dr Diana Guerra Diaz, SpainPsychologist, Servicio Medicina Psicosomatica, Instituto Universitario Dexeus, Barcelona, Spain

Title of presentation: “Psychosocial differences between medical and social infertility.”


  1. Ana Galhardo PhD – Psychologist, ISMT, Portugal

Title of presentation: “Are there other choices? Attitudes towards social freezing, gamete donation and surrogacy in young adults in reproductive age”


  1. Karoline Steckley – International PR Director, Steckley Koren PR

Title of presentation: Missing the Fertility Train? Italian lifestyle, social structure, economy and how the country that loves kids is making it difficult to have them.”


  1. Irina Popova – Patient & Board member of Patient Association “Zachatie”, Bulgaria

Title of presentation: “The late lessons of delayed motherhood – from a patient’s perspective”

 [Photo: ESHRE]



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