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Patient Session – ESHRE CONGRESS Rome 2010

Title: How patient-friendly is patient-friendly? A global overview.

Organised by Fertility Europe


SESSION CO-ORDINATORS / MODERATORS: Clare Lewis-Jones MBE (United Kingdom), Conrad Engler (Switzerland) and José van der Schoor-Knijnenburg (Netherlands)

SESSION DESCRIPTION: It is our aim to present the patient’s view of what they consider “patient friendly” treatment to be and, by presenting that view from the Eastern and Western-European perspective as well as from a developing country, illustrate any differences in what is happening globally looking at strategies to improve the friendliness of the whole journey that patients undertake including not just clinical care but holistic care. Finally, we will also discuss the ethical approach to patient friendliness both in terms of the patients’ point of view and also societies.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Clinicians, psychologists, biologists, embryologists, counselors, midwives, nurses and other paramedicals working in the field of reproductive medicine, patient representatives.




1. Prof. Guido Pennings, Bioethics Institute Ghent, Belgium

The ethical approach to patient friendly AR


2. Vincenza Zambaldi, psychotherapist from Italy

Patient-friendliness in Italy – which will represent the Western-European perspective


3. Denisa Priadková, chair of Občianske Združenie BOCIAN from Slovak Republic and boardmember of Fertility Europe

How patient-friendly in Eastern European countries is translated into a quick way to IVF, with a lack of information about choices etc.


4. Prof. Gamal Serour, Egyptian IVF Center Cairo, President of FIGO, Egypt

What does patient-friendly mean in the developing countries?


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