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About Fertility Europe

We are the Pan-European organisation representing patients’ associations dedicated to infertility enabling a network for those concerned with fertility problems, patient empowerment, engaging other stakeholders and the media:

  • Registered in 2009;
  • Based in Brussels, Belgium;
  • 23 member associations from 21 countries;
  • Working as volunteers;
  • Patient partner organisation of ESHRE.


Our aim is to:

  • guarantee the right to access to equal, quality, holistic care for infertility patients.
  • strive towards raising infertility awareness through education, advocacy, communication and partnerships.
  • engage stakeholders in fertility protection activities and education.
  • bring patients associations together with opportunities for networking and sharing best practice as well as information on infertility and fertility.


European Fertility Week – (EFW), established in 2016, is held annually in the first week in November. It aims both to raise awareness of infertility, and to convey the issues faced by people with infertility. EFW events take place both on social media hosted by  Fertility Europe and national associations, and events organised by the Member associations in their respective countries.

European Policy Audit on Fertility (EPAF) is a joint project of FE and ESHRE conducted under an unrestricted grant from Merck. The project objective is to: collate, assess, and compare data concerning the national infertility spectrum and policies in selected European countries; identify current needs; and develop policy recommendations targeted at EU and national policy makers. In addition to an overview of key facts and statistics related to infertility across the 28 members of the European Union, EPAF includes a detailed overview of policies and regulations in nine (9) EU member states:  Czech Republic,  France,  Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, UK.


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