Fertility Europe is the Pan-European organisation representing patients’ associations dedicated to infertility, enabling a network for those concerned with fertility problems, patient empowerment, engaging other stakeholders and the media.

  • An NGO, registered in 2009
  • Based in Brussels, Belgium
  • 31 member associations from 28 countries
  • Patient partner organisation of ESHRE

Our mission

It is our aim to:

  • Guarantee the right to access to equal, quality, holistic care for infertility patients.
  • Strive towards raising infertility awareness through education, advocacy, communication and partnerships.
  • Engage stakeholders in fertility protection activities and education.
  • Bring patients associations together with opportunities for networking and sharing best practice as well as information on infertility and fertility.

Our statutes

Currently the Fertility Europe Statutes have been adjusted to the Belgian legislation.

The updated statutes were approved by the Council in March 2017 and are now officially registered in Belgium.

Why Fertility Europe was founded

Fertility Europe has three main goals, to:

  • build a strong European network among European patients and professionals in order to achieve the exchange of best practice
  • promote education in the field of protection of reproductive health and a pro-active approach to family planning
  • improve the situation concerning the rights of those affected by difficulties in conceiving in many areas.

In addition networking and sharing of best practices, information, fundraising tools, policies, advocacy strategies amongst the national patient associations is extremely important. We learn from each other, our work together is based on transparency and democratic principles, we become more responsible and play a more important role both nationally and on the European level. With clear structure, transparent financing from diverse sources, elections, democracy and co-operation on all levels of fertility / infertility issues Fertility Europe is respecting all views and differences among people in Europe.

History of the Fertility Europe Executive Committee