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If you represent a national European patient organization in the field of (in)fertility, please join us!

We are an association of European patient organisations and associations involved with fertility / infertility issues. All of us, in our national organisations, are involved in various activities, mostly assisting those affected by difficulties in conceiving.

Fertility Europe, in addition to sharing best practice and many other useful ideas, projects and experience, has three main goals, to:

  • build a strong European network among European patients and professionals in order to achieve the exchange of best practice
  • promote education in the field of protection of reproductive health and a pro-active approach to family planning
  • improve the situation concerning the rights of those affected by difficulties in conceiving in many areas.

Networking and sharing of best practices, information, fundraising tools, policies, advocacy strategies is extremely important. We learn from each other, our work together is based on transparency and democratic principles, we become more responsible and play a more important role both nationally and on the European level. With clear structure, transparent financing from diverse sources, elections, democracy and co-operation on all levels of fertility / infertility issues Fertility Europe is respecting all views and differences among people in Europe.

The application process

1) Read the Articles/Statutes of Fertility Europe on our website.
2) Send an email to membership(at) and provide your contact information:

  • name
  • email address
  • telephone number
  • Skype contact – if available

3) Send the following documents by email to membership(at)
Please, note: you do not have to translate the documents:

  • Registration in the country (if necessary/available)
  • Statutes
  • Financial Report
  • Annual Report
  • Sponsoring / Fundraising System / Structure
  • Information on relationship between your organization, doctors and hospitals/clinics
  • Disclosure Explanation

4) Follow us on Facebook.

The approval process

After you have applied to be an Effective or an Associate Member and sent all the required documents, the Executive Committee of Fertility Europe scrutinizes your documents to check whether your Association/Organisation operates according to the Articles/Statutes of Fertility Europe. If the Executive Committee finds that your Association/Organisation fulfills the requirements for membership, they will recommend approving your application to join Fertility Europe at the following Council Meeting. Before the Council Meeting you may be invited to introduce your Association/Organisation in our Spring Meeting.

The Council Meeting is held once a year at ESHRE‘s Annual Meeting (usually the first week of July) and you are invited to join the meeting. At the meeting, the current Effective Members either accept or reject your application. If you are accepted, you will receive an official approval letter a few weeks after the Council Meeting and you will be asked to pay the membership fee.

Membership fees

.Our fees are based on the income of your national patient organization:

Associate members
50 €
Income less than 1,000 €
50 €
Income 1,001 to 5,000 €
100 €
Income 5,001 to 10,000 €
200 €
Income over 10,001 €
300 €

Last update: August 2022