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Nov 06

EFW in Greece

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Our Greek member Κυβέλη and partners made an one day conference with health experts in Thessaloniki to mark the #EuropeanFertilityWeek


The chair of Fertility Europe, Satu Rautakallio-Hokkanen, was invited via Skype to make a presentation of Fertility Europe and how the European Fertility Week came up.


Nov 05

UK: very moving #HiddenFaces pictures and videos

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National Fertility Awareness Week in UK  is so successful: so many press mentions and people, clinics, sister organisations, bloggers and others talking, tweeting and sharing info about the awareness week, fertility impact survey, the #HiddenFaces campaign, with its incredible pics, posters and videos, the #fertilityin5 social media campaign, fertility myths and five ages of female fertility infographics.

Their very moving #HiddenFaces pictures and 12 videos featuring a range of fertility issues and media volunteers: women, men and couples, raised awareness of the most difficult faces of infertility like failed treatments or decision about using a donor.

The #fertilityin5 encouraged to share emotions and experience in 5 words.

Facebook reached peak 60,156; from 12,178 the week before NFAW and Twitter followers increased by 126 followers: from 8,586 to 8,712 over the two week period.

Nov 04

Health professionals and infertility experts in Paris

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Big event today in Paris! The French Fertility Europe member, MAIA, and partners is organizing  in Paris the 3rd National Infertility Day, with health professionals and experts. A famous French TV actress, Laëtitia Milot, struggling for years to conceive a child, is the god mother of the event.

The French National Infertility Day – part of the #EuropeanFertilityWeek – was this year also a big success.

In the picture: Olivia (from Famili, the press partner), Laëtitia (the godmother of the Infertility Day), Docteur Thierry Harvey (the anchorman of the event), and Laëtitia (the MAIA Chairwoman).


Nov 02

European Fertility Week and awareness video from the Netherlands

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Freya, our member from the Netherlands, is celebrating #EuropeanFertilityWeek with us. The national actions within the European Fertility Week 2016 in the Netherlands was focusing on supporting patients with infertility problems. Our friends from Freya created a lot of media coverage on childlessness and social and psychological problems associated with it.

A video with testimonies „1in6” and blogging contest provided very powerful voice of the patients themselves.


The poem about childlessness shared on their Facebook fanpage attracted 1.000.000 likes!

The event – meeting on ‘You and your social support group’ and a poster sent to all the infertility clinics in Holland was aimed to increase awareness of non-medical aspects of support for the people suffering infertility.


More details, on Freya’s FB page.

Nov 01

Awareness video from Belgium

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Great job by our Belgian member De Verdwaalde Ooievaar and what a great start to the #EuropeanFertilityWeek:



Fertility Network UK on BBC Breakfast TV

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Fertility Network UK achieved extensive press coverage from the daily papers through the magazines and the television, including BBC breakfast interviewing Susan Seenan – FNUK Chief Executive and a film featuring FNUK volunteers.

BBC Family and Education news run an item on miscarriage for National Fertility Awareness Week, raining awareness of the issue that affects many women trying to start a family.

From our member FNUK:

„Great start to our National Fertility Awareness Week with a slot on BBC Breakfast TV this morning, highlighting issues including the emotional impact of fertility problems and the fact that men matter too. Don’t forget as well as #NFAWUK it’s also #EuropeanFertilityWeek organised by Fertility Europe.”

Susan Seenan, Fertility Network UK Chief Executive  and member of the FE Working Group MORE, on BBCBreakfast:





Oct 28

Awareness campaign – European Fertility Week

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First edition of European Fertility Week.

In Europe, for one in five fertility is an issue.

Fertility Europe, the association of European patient organizations and associations involved with fertility / infertility issues, is pleased to announce the first edition of European Fertility Week, taking place between 31st October and 6th November 2016.


During the European Fertility Week, most of the Fertility Europe member organizations, will organize national campaigns (on online platforms and in real life) to sustain the awareness-raising and advocacy efforts regarding fertility and infertility.

Some of the organizations have already a great experience in organizing such campaigns; however, this year, the difference is brought by the alignment between our national efforts and the actions that will take place simultaneous in many European countries. The campaign will be promoted through a common visual identity and also by using an unitary tool in the social media, under the hashtag #EuropeanFertilityWeek.

All the actions taking place during European Fertility Week will be promoted through the communication channels of Fertility Europe (website, forum, social networks). Afterwards, the whole campaign experience will be summarized into an informational brochure, which will serve as a guideline for sharing experiences and good practices.


Oct 02

Fertility Europe in Brussels and the European Parliament

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Six members of Fertility Europe, from the ExCo, COMM and POLI working groups, were in Brussels on Monday 26 September and Tuesday 27 September.

Monday was primarily spent on learning about the workings of the European Parliament and how lobbying – not a dirty word in this setting, but rather just a description of what’s being done, presenting and advocating for a cause or topic be it on behalf of a patient association such as ours or industry – works within its walls. This involves finding allies or someone who’s interested in the topic you’re presenting, preferably from different political parties, asking them to submit written questions or possibly organising committee debates on the topic and then taking it further.


Some time was also spent on learning how to use social media – mainly Twitter, as it seems to be one of the most used tools of MEPs.

On Tuesday, Satu Rautakallio-Hokkanen, Elín Einarsdóttir, and Irina Popova, had meetings with a MEP as well as with a number of political advisors to various other MEPs. The primary reason for doing so was to discuss a European Policy Audit on Fertility that’s being done at the moment. All of the people we talked to were interested in Fertility Europe and some were very happy and keen to help us reach our goals. In addition we were also given some practical advice on how to promote our issues in the European Parliament.


The European Policy Audit on Fertility is the first of its kind and the only one that will give an overview of the laws, rules and regulations related to MAR in the EU28, as well as an in depth view of 9 European countries: UK, Spain, Germany, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Sweden, France and Italy. Another important aspect of this work is that both European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and Fertility Europe – professionals and patients – are behind it and both views are represented, but the work is being done by Burson-Marstellar through an unrestricted grant from Merck. The work should be done by the end of the year and we’re looking towards a launch event in the first quarter of 2017.

Oct 01

Changes within the ExCo of Fertility Europe

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During the 8th Council meeting in Helsinki members voted on Elections of Deputy Executive Committee members. Satu Rautakallio-Hokkanen and Klaudija Kordic got the majority of the votes.


Later, in September 2016, the Vice Chair Nicoleta Cristea-Brunel resigned due to personal reasons, Klaudija Kordic declined to step in, and so Satu Rautakallio-Hokkanen stepped in the Executive Committee. Irina Popova was 3rd during the voting for Deputies, so she became one. Next official Elections will be held in 2018. Till then, the members of the Executive Committee and their roles are as follows:

Executive Committee (2016 – 2018)

Satu Rautakallio-Hokkanen Chair
Elín Einarsdóttir Vice Chair
Isabelle Chandler Secretary
Afroditi Alexopoulou Treasurer
Ofra Balaban Member
Klaudija Kordic Deputy member
Irina Popova Deputy member


Sep 02

Patient Session – Helsinki 2016

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This year, the topic of the Patient Session – ESHRE Congress was Embryo and Double Gamete Donation and the following four speakers were invited:

Anna Krawczak (Poland) – “Should embryo donation be mandatory? Patients’ perspective on Polish Law on infertility treatment”


Nicoleta Cristea-Brunel (Romania) – “Comparative analysis on the situation of embryo and double gamete donation in Romania and France.”


Ofra Balaban (Israel) – “Embryo donation – new legislation. The case in Israel”.


Caroline Spencer (UK) – “Embryo and double gamete donation – Talking and Telling” 


You can find the presentations (pps format) on the Patient Session page.

Aug 11

Council Meeting in Helsinki

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The Fertility Europe council meeting in Helsinki went very well. Two new deputies, Klaudija Kordic and Satu Rautakallio-Hokkanen, were elected and welcomed to the ExCo. Discussions about internal matters were lively and it was good to see the membership taking an active interest.


Simpukka, the Finnish patient association, provided people to man the combined FE booth and Wall of Hope during the 3 days of ESHRE‘s Annual Meeting and we thank them for that. People taking pictures at the wall were asked to use the hashtag  #WallOfHope if posting them on social media.

Jul 03

FE Council Meeting in Helsinki.

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Fertility Europe’s 8th Council Meeting this year is holding place in Helsinki, Finland, on 4th July and will begin with overview of the activities in 2015 and plans for 2016.


It will be followed by introduction of the candidates for Deputy Members of the Fertility Europe Executive Committee. Two out of four will be elected to support the Executive Committee for the upcoming two years. There are 26 participants from 18 associations who will vote also on approving the effective membership of the candidate member „Nas San” from Montenegro.

The Agenda will cover the discussion about the new statutes amendments, voting on the Fertility Europe Policy Recommendations paper, update on the project European Fertility Week and overview of the online communication. The meeting will be followed by the Charity Run, kindly organized by ESHRE to support Fertility Europe.


The face of Fertility Europe in the Congress Hall will be the traditional Wall of Hope with many new postcards with stories of Special families.


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[Photo: ESHRE]



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