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Working Groups

Fertility Europe – Working Groups

We have formed Working Groups around important topics to the association.  Currently we have four main groups and are seeking more people to help out. The meetings are held via Skype, e-mail or telephone, and during the Fertility Europe meetings we meet up and work on our projects.


comunication COMM (Communication)

The work of the Working Group COMM involves writing, editing, and making sure the information is up to date, accurate, and reflecting the view of our members. As the main goal of Fertility Europe is learning from each other, we need to have the information on our members in a format where everyone can access it.

Currently in the COMM Group:

Monika Bulmanska-Wingett (PL)
Elin Einarsdottir (IS)
Klaudija Kordic (CRO)


POLI (Policy)


Voicing concerns of infertile, subfertile and childless people in Europe in their own words and feelings is the main task of the Working Group POLI. It is challenging and exciting work to mobilize and support members in their advocacy activities as well as to share ideas with other European partners.

We have adopted a classical methodology:
– building a team of experts including psychologists and patients’ associations’ leaders
– monitoring information and studies
– producing and fine-tuning a policy statement, plan and strategy
– building alliance on specific issues
– addressing policymakers and media

Currently in the POLI Group:

Monika Bulmanska-Wingett (PL)
Isabelle Chandler (FR)
Ana Galhardo (PT)
Iwona Komenda (PL)
Hana Konecna (CZ)
Irina Popova (BG)
Bojana Santic (CRO)


MORE (Members, Outreach, Representativeness, Europe)
logo-moreMORE Working Group’s main goal is to contact as many fertility related associations from Europe as possible and make it easy for them to join Fertility Europe. A few European countries are not represented yet. In other countries new ones are established or the older cease to exist.

Usually the contact is taken by email, but we also call the new possible candidates. MORE then takes care of the new applicants, when they apply for membership and helps them with documents, needed for the Executive Committee for the process of evaluation and compliance with the Fertility Europe’s statutes.

MORE also takes part in arranging the regular meetings and assists the Executive Committee, for example we collect information from members and make different kind of reports and updating the membership database.

Currently in the MORE group:

Klaudija Kordic (CRO)
Satu Rautakallio-Hokkanen (FI) – Coordinator
Susan Seenan (UK)


fundraisingFUND (Fundraising)

FUND Working Group’s main goal is to find contributions of money or other resources for the organisation.


Currently in the FUND group:

Ofra Balaban-Kasztelanski (ISR)
Elin Einarsdottir  (IS) – Coordinator


[Last update: March 2017]




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