Fertility Education posters

Video fertility poster

Six countries have started to work on fertility education: UK, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Denmark and Portugal. A group of experts from these countries have got together to develop a global fertility education campaign. The poster campaign aims to increase awareness of the need for fertility education and ultimately we would like every country to have a fertility education web site and provide fertility education in schools and beyond.


  • Download the poster below.
  • Take a selfie with the poster – do one with just you and one with groups of friends, and share this key message on social media. Ask others to do the same. Please use the hashtag #fertilityed. Tell us why you think fertility education is important and what country you are from  – this is a global project and we want to see which countries we reach.
  • If you know anyone famous – please ask them to come on board and take a selfie. And send a copy to your national politicians and journalists.
  • Also put the poster up wherever you can: schools, doctors’ surgeries, fertility clinics, STI clinics, contraception clinics, universities, offices, etc.

Below you can find the Fertility Education posters in many different languages.

More country/language versions are uploaded soon!