25 Million Journeys – One (In)fertility Challenge


The (in)fertility journey is different for everyone – it can be like a short hike in the park or a triathlon across the ocean. It is just as much a physical challenge as a mental one. Couples and individuals with fertility issues encounter many hurdles along the way and seeking medical treatment is not always as straightforward as it should be. To raise more awareness about this problem, we will dedicate this year’s European Fertility Week (EFW) to the patient’s (in)fertility journey. Our dedicated campaign before, during, and after EFW 2022 taking place during the week of 7-13 November will shed light on the challenges that people face on their (in)fertility journey in different countries across Europe.

ONLINE EVENT, 10 November, 13.00 CET

Join us for the the online event hosted by Bartosz Arłukowicz MEP with patients, doctors and psychologists to support #25MillionJourneys and #europeanfertilityweek

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