Coronavirus Covid-19: ESHRE statement on pregnancy and conception

European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology created working group to monitor scientific reports relevant to reproductive medicine in the context of Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

As a precautionary measure – and in line with the position of other scientific societies in reproductive medicine – we advise that all fertility patients considering or planning treatment, even if they do not meet the diagnostic criteria for Covid-19 infection, should avoid becoming pregnant at this time. For those patients already having treatment, we suggest considering deferred pregnancy with oocyte or embryo freezing for later embryo transfer.

You can read the ESHRE statement and recommendations for the clinics and the patients ? here .

The group will continue to monitor the scientific literature, especially in relation to ART and pregnancy. And reaffirms the view that all medical professionals have a duty to avoid additional stress to a healthcare system that in many locations is already overloaded.

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