WEBINAR: Fertility patients during COVID-19 – what we know so far

covid-19 and fertility webinar

Covid-19 and fertility

We would like to invite you to participate in this free webinar!
We are presenting the patients with a summary of the information gathered so far about the fertility treatments and Covid-19. New information and new research come so fast that it may be difficult for you to know what is best for you and how to keep safe during your treatment.
Thanks to our cooperation with ESHRE you will hear the experts presenting most up-to-date scientific and medical knowledge on the subject:

Kari Johansen, MD, PhD, ”Vaccines and vaccination”
Victoria Male, PhD, ”Risks of COVID19 in pregnancy”
Edgar Mocanu, MD, ”Service adaptation – a matter of mutual understanding”

After the presentations there is also Questions&Answers session.

Welcome to watching it on our channel on Youtube.

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