Welcome to the website of Fertility Europe, the association of European organisations and associations involved with fertility issues.

All of us, in their national organisations - the members - are daily involved with many activities, mostly assisting those affected by difficulties in conceiving. However, apart from sharing best practice and many other useful ideas, projects and experience, we have three main goals, to
1. build a strong European network among European patients and professionals in order to achieve the exchange of best practise,
2. promote education in the field of protection of reproductive health and a pro-active approach to family planning and
3. improve the situation concerning the rights of those affected by difficulties in conceiving in many areas.

On this website, we hope you will not only find out who we are, in team or the individuals, you will also learn about our projects, meetings, planned activities, but most important, we hope you will decide to be a part of our team. Maybe there is no such organisation, group or initiative in your local place. We hope to motivate you, provide information, share and create European contact point for all, who need information, help or support.

We are also building equal footage partnership with experts, in order to be able to provide information on reproductive health, psychological aspects of childlessness, high quality medical investigation, fertility and infertility treatment, family support and guidance, reduction of multiple births, full information on all assisted conception/reproduction, treatment possibilities and right to accept or to reject, treatment without any discrimination, cross border reproductive care, ethical aspects of ART, legislation, regulations and guidelines, demographic data and many other important issues.

It is important for us to be independent, transparent, working strictly on democratic principles and in line with our Ethical code. Reliable<, reflecting the variety of European countries, its needs and differences. The partner for your family you always wished for.