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Apr 18

EPAF launch report

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On 28 March 2017, MEP Norica Nicolai (ALDE), hosted a launch event for the first Policy Audit on Fertility – Analysis of 9 EU Countries. The report, sponsored by Merck, was written by Fertility Europe (FE) and the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), resulted in a constructive roundtable discussion addressing not only the challenges surrounding infertility, but also what can be done to solve them.

“To talk about fertility is to talk about life, it is to talk about family.” – MEP Valcárcel Siso

“The idea of family has changed. Science and society are evolving and the law needs to keep up. The role of the MEPs is to find solutions to citizens’ problems.” – MEP Beatriz Becerra Basterrechea

“Limitations [in access to ART] are only justified when they improve safety, efficacy, fairness. They are not justified when they create discrimination regarding life choices like postponing parenthood.” – Monika Bulmańska-Wingett, Fertility Europe

Meeting report from FEChair
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Apr 01

Deputy Member of Executive Committee election

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Fertility Europe needs another Deputy Member who would complete and reinforce the Executive Committee. This election is to take place during Fertility Europe Council Meeting in Geneva, 3rd July 2017. The term of the new deputy will only last one year until 2018, when the new Executive Committee will be elected. So this is a great opportunity to experience the work in ExCo without the need to commit for 3 years of full term.

Each Effective Member association is invited to propose up to five (5) candidates for the ExCo deputy member position. The last day to send proposals is 4th May 2017 and we kindly ask you to send them to Klaudija Kordic (klaudija(at), the Secretary of the ExCo with the copy to Office Manager (office(at)

The Chairperson will send a full list of all proposed candidates to all members by electronic means by 3rd June 2017.

Executive Committee is looking forward to receiving your proposals and please contact Office Manager if you need any more information.

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Mar 31

Fertility Europe in the European Parliament

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European Policy Audit on Fertility has been presented in the European Parliament by ESHRE and Fertility Europe. Our host MEP Norica Nicolai, MEP Beatriz Beccerra Basterrechea and MEP Ramón Luis Valcárcel Siso gave us a lot of hope that there is political will to establish safe and equal access to treatment for 25 million of people facing infertility in Europe.

Louise Joy Brown, first IVF conceived baby, was with us to support the cause!

The full text of EPAF can be read on our website and more information and videos from the event will be published soon.

Feb 19

The European Policy Audit on Fertility (EPAF) is a joint project of FE and ESHRE conducted under unrestricted grant from Merck. It is supposed to serve to collect, assess and compare up-to date information about the national fertility spectrum and policies in pre-selected European countries, identify current needs and potentially develop policy recommendations targeted at EU and national policy makers. In addition to an overview of key facts and statistics related to fertility across the 28 members of the European Union, the EPAF will include a detailed overview of policies and regulations in nine EU member states: Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden and UK.


Dec 24

Happy holidays!

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happy holidays

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Nov 25

ESHRE and Fertility Europe together in a working session

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A very harmonious and successful meeting between #FertilityEurope ExCo and #ESHRE ExCo today in Brussels:


We will come back with details soon.


ExCo meetings

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Today in Brussels, Fertility Europe ExCo working on our advocacy plans for 2017:




Nov 07

Let’s break the silence!

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A selection of the pictures of the action I am one in 5. Let’s break the silence and talk about infertility”, within #EuropeanFertilityWeek.

Nov 06

Fertility Show London 2016

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In UK, the National Fertility Awareness Week finished with Fertility Show London 2016.
Susan, Fertility Network UK Chief Executive  and member of the FE Working Group MORE, and Louise Brown, the first IVF baby, at Fertility Show London 2016:



Q&A session within the Fertility Show:



EFW in Romania

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The Romanian infertility NGO Asociatia SOS Infertilitatea organised the 5th edition of the National Infertility Awareness Week, part of the #EuropeanFertilityWeek.

This year’s efforts were focused in Romania on advocacy and patients’ rights to receive the treatment guaranteed by law.

SOS Infertilitatea had a meeting with the Ministry of Health decision makers to discuss In Vitro Fertilisation Sub-Programme helping the infertile patients in Romania.

Here is the agenda of the Romanian campaign:

Romania – European Fertility Week events 2016 from FertilityEurope


The Romanian members were also very active on social media with campaigns I am 1 in 5” and the anti-stigma action „IVF mum and proud of it”, and also organised on Facebook a live Q&A session for patients.

The European Fertility Week finished in Romania with ‘WE WANT CHILDREN’ meetings of SOS Infertilitatea members with friends and sympathizers in Bucharest and Iasi, discussing and advising on fertility/infertility, assisted reproductive technology and adoption. A part of the SOS Infertilitatea volunteers say hello from Bucharest to Fertility Europe colleagues:



EFW in Greece

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Our Greek member Κυβέλη and partners made an one day conference with health experts in Thessaloniki to mark the #EuropeanFertilityWeek


The chair of Fertility Europe, Satu Rautakallio-Hokkanen, was invited via Skype to make a presentation of Fertility Europe and how the European Fertility Week came up.


Nov 05

UK: very moving #HiddenFaces pictures and videos

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National Fertility Awareness Week in UK  is so successful: so many press mentions and people, clinics, sister organisations, bloggers and others talking, tweeting and sharing info about the awareness week, fertility impact survey, the #HiddenFaces campaign, with its incredible pics, posters and videos, the #fertilityin5 social media campaign, fertility myths and five ages of female fertility infographics.

Their very moving #HiddenFaces pictures and 12 videos featuring a range of fertility issues and media volunteers: women, men and couples, raised awareness of the most difficult faces of infertility like failed treatments or decision about using a donor.

The #fertilityin5 encouraged to share emotions and experience in 5 words.

Facebook reached peak 60,156; from 12,178 the week before NFAW and Twitter followers increased by 126 followers: from 8,586 to 8,712 over the two week period.



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